16 Ways You Can Fight 

Sex Trafficking

Everyone Can Fight Sex Trafficking

No matter where you are in the world, you can bring light into the darkness of sex trafficking. There are unique ways for you to get involved from hosting a Party With A Purpose and volunteering in Florida, Chicago or Wisconsin, to donating or raising awareness. Here are 16 ways you can fight sex trafficking:

  • Learn about the indicators of sex trafficking so you can help identify potential victims 

  • Invite Selah Freedom to train your team 

  • If you see something, say something! Call the national human trafficking hotline at 1-888-3737-888 or call Selah Freedom's intake like at 1-888-8-FREE-ME

  • Volunteer with us

  • Meet with and/or write to your local, state, and federal government representatives to let them know you care about combating human trafficking, and ask what they are doing to address it.

  • Host a Party with a Purpose or Cocktails for a Cause

  • Encourage your local schools to educate students, faculty and staff on this issue through our Prevention Program's curricula designed for K-12th grade

  • Be well-informed. Set up a web alert to receive current human trafficking news.

  • Businesses: Provide jobs, internships, skills training, and other opportunities to trafficking survivors

  • Students: Take action on your campus. Join or establish a university club to raise awareness about human trafficking and initiate action throughout your local community. Consider doing one of your research papers on a topic concerning human trafficking. 

  • Shop for freedom 

  • Spread the word and stay connected

  • Give back

  • Support our mission

  • Join the Free 365 Community

  • Become a Freedom Corporate Partner