How to keep your kids safe from sex trafficking

Trainings we offer for adults:

CSEC ADVOCACY TRAINING: Through this 2-hour curriculum, youth-interveners will leave with a greater understanding of the realities of sex trafficking, its root causes, how to identify victims, etc. This training is beneficial in educating anyone working with youth on the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC), and is recommended prior to Selah Freedom training the organization’s youth.


A sex trafficking victim can be sold 15-40 times every 24 hours.

SEX, LIES & MEDIA: Through our cutting-edge, multi-media Sex, Lies & Media presentation, we will educate parents and students on the online recruitment tactics of predators and equip them with practical ways to discuss this issue, protect themselves online, and be a part of the solution. This presentation can take 1-2 hours and may be presented specifically to teens or to parents/adults working with teens.

1 out of 5 children receive online solicitation.


Reporting Abuse

National Sex Trafficking Hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888

Selah Freedom Intake line: 1-888-8-FREEME

Safety Tips

Selah Freedom is here to equip parents to protect their children from sex trafficking. Take a look at the below for resources protecting and educating your kids. Also, take a look at A Back-To-School Series on Human Trafficking, a terrific resource for kids of all ages.

Did you know that your child's cell phone is set by default to allow pornography, explicit content and that even Siri can be a portal to predators and dangerous content on the web? Check out how you can set parental control on your iPhone or Android


Photos taken and posted can also automatically contain "geotags" which can help predators track and locate your children. Click here to learn how to remove geotag settings.​

Interactive Resources

Shared Hope State Report Cards

How many slaves work for you?

Resources for Parents of Young Children/Tweens

Internet Safety

Predators often approach children on the internet. Watch this video and take a short quiz to for ways to talk to your child(ren)/tweens about internet safety.

Safety vs. Secrets

Click here to learn practical guidelines on how to talk to your small children about safe touch and the difference between surprises and harmful secrets.

Conversations To Have With Young Children

Click here to learn conversations to have by age for young children. Teaching children rules helps keep them safe, but it’s hard to know how to say things so that your child will understand. You know your child best, but here are some guidelines about what to tell kids of different ages about how to stay safe from sexual abuse.

Parental Controls for Youtube and Others Programs:

Learn the importance of parental controls and learn how to control what your child has access to see on the internet and gaming programs:

Nintendo Switch


Articles on Web Safety app warning as nine-year-old groomed by stranger looking for sex

“We’ve Got it All Wrong” — 5 Myths About Human Trafficking & Protecting Your Kids
Do your kids like So do traffickers and pedophiles.

Get Involved

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Continued Education: Ways to stay informed on sex trafficking

  • Attend local trainings with your kids

  • Attend film/documentary screenings

  • Check your local

  • Search sex trafficking awareness events in local area


Selah Freedom Opportunities:

Other Opportunities

  • Start a donation drive where proceeds/items are donated to Selah Freedom, such as gift cards or survivor totes.