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Trainings we offer for youth:

K-2nd grade: 

S.A.F.E.-T.:  Through this interactive coloring-book curriculum, K through 2nd grade students will dive deeper into safety-skills. Covering topics such as identification of safe adults, using their voices to speak up, and interacting with technology in a safe way. (1 session, 35-45 minutes) 

3rd-5th grade: 

P.A.U.S.E: 3rd through 5th grade students will dive deeper into safety-skills. Covering topics such as body safety rules, online safety, and more, these students will leave equipped and empowered to recognize and speak out against unsafe situations. (1 session, 45-60 minutes)

6th-8th grade: 

I am Little Red: "I Am Little Red" was designed as a national prevention tool to reduce the risk of commercial sexual exploitation. Through the viewing of a 10-minute short film, it addresses the four tactics a “wolf” will typically use to lure a Little Red off his/her path. (1 session, 45-60 minutes) (grades 6-8) 

9th-12th grade: 

Freedom For Teens: Through this discussion-based training, we will educate on the common recruitment/grooming tactics used by predators, equip them with the tools to protect themselves and others in the community. (2 sessions, 1 hour per session)

(grades 6-12)

Sex Lies, & Media (For Youth): This presentation will educate middle and high school youth on the online recruitment tactics of predators and equip them with practical ways to discuss this issue, protect themselves online, and be a part of the solution. (1 session, 1 hour) (grades 6-12) 

Caught Up: By exposing the secrets behind exploitation and sex trafficking through raw and realistic film clips that high school youth can identify with, this curriculum targets at risk-youth and brings to light the dark truth about being caught up in "the life." (1 session, 1-2 hours) (grades 9-12+) 

#RelationshipGoals: Through this curriculum, youth will have the opportunity to dive deep into understanding the characteristics of relationships. Students will be encouraged to address their own vulnerabilities, learning how to establish healthy boundaries and communication to further prevent exploitation. (3, 1-hour sessions) (grades 9-12+)

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Reporting Abuse: 

National Sex Trafficking Hotline: 1 (888) 373-7888

Selah Freedom Intake line: 1-888-8-FREE-ME


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  • I Am Jane Doe

  • Chosen

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  • Sold in America

  • Human Trafficking



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