Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good  

CoFounder & CSO of Selah Freedom; CoFounder & CEO of Selah Way Foundation

Author of Groomed (Published by Harper Collins)

In 2011, Elizabeth Melendez Fisher Good co-founded the nation’s leading anti-sex trafficking organization, Selah Freedom, which has provided services to thousands of at-risk children and survivors, educated millions and mobilized thousands of volunteers. She launched The Selah Way Foundation, a global network of leading service providers with three initiatives: Prevention, Protection and Provision. The goal of these initiatives is to get ahead of this issue in hopes of eradicating it and become a model and training arm for the international community. 

Elizabeth is a passionate pioneer and inspirational thought leader in the movement to eradicate sex trafficking and expose the root of the issue, childhood sexual abuse. She has spearheaded an awakening and brought partners and resources together with proven solutions to save lives. 

She is the author of Groomed (Harper Collins, 2020), which recounts her own story of loss, trauma and overcoming. Fisher Good is deeply passionate about helping women from all backgrounds discover how to live free from past traumas, strongholds and lies they may have been groomed to believe about themselves. She guides readers toward an understanding that grooming is oftentimes subtle, but it's always life-altering. She offers readers a way to overcome their past, starting with all-important but rarely explored idea of a selah, or a time of rest and reflection, and exploring active ways to forgive and move forward to a whole new level of freedom. Her authentic, transparent and raw approach is refreshing and comforting to readers, no matter what stage of life they are in. 

Elizabeth has been highlighted and described as, “Part healer, part businesswoman, all resolve—if Selah Freedom is bringing light into the darkness, as the slogan says, then she is the one behind the megawatt.” She is the recipient of the prestigious New York City Global Business Leader Award and Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year Award. Elizabeth has her Bachelor’s degree in Communications and her Master's in Clinical Psychology. 

View her TEDx Talk, “Sex Trafficking In Our own Backyard."