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Survivors of Sex Trafficking Need You

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Our proven solutions restore precious young lives and provide lasting freedom.

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Transformative Healing

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Lifelong Freedom

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87% of survivor graduates do not return to the streets.

Children have been reunited with their mothers. Daughters have been reconnected with their families

Your support provides generational freedom and impact.

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What is Free 365?

Sustainable Solutions & High Impact Giving

Why Join The Free 365 Community?

Selah Freedom creates lasting solutions to end sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited. We help build safe communities for our children and empower youth and adults to protect themselves and their families against sexual exploitation. We dream of a freer, safer tomorrow. Long-term solutions need long-term giving. 

Your monthly gift gives survivors back their freedom, their hope, their future... the life they were always meant for. Give the gift of freedom 365 days of the year when you start giving monthly today. Our Free 365 Community is made up of committed people like you who believe that together, we will create a future free from sexual exploitation. 

As thanks for your support, each month we will send you a Free 365 Impact Report. This report shares stories of survivors you are impacting through your generosity, as well as insights into each of our programs. This is special inside look just for you!

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