Laurie Swink is the Co-Founder and Vice President of Culture and Education of Selah Freedom. As a certified Special Education teacher in the state of Florida, Laurie Swink has focused on preparing people for their true destiny since 1982.  As a founder of Selah Freedom, that goal continues to be her focus with survivors of sexual abuse.  In 2011, Laurie’s heart was moved to establish a residential home when she realized a survivor coming out of sex trafficking was only at the beginning of their journey.  Laurie is the Director of Education and Culture  at Selah Freedom. She helps the women in the residential program with educational and career goals by creating an individualized educational program for each of them to be able to successfully pursue their GED, college or career goals. She also trains other organizations to build a sustainable and safe residential program for survivors of sexual abuse,  Laurie considers her work with the survivors to be a privilege and an honor.