Building the Bridge to Freedom

We Never Give Up On Survivors

Selah Freedom provides outreach on the streets and in the jails through our sex trade support group, case management and resources for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Selah Freedom partners with local law enforcement as the first point of contact for women identified as sex trafficking victims or at high risk of being recruited into sex trafficking. We are also proud to partner with the FBI, the United States Attorney's Office, and more, to reach survivors and bring them life-saving solutions.


Survivors who are still "in the life" are able to attend weekly groups and receive the resources they need, as well as build a trusting relationship with Selah Freedom. Once a woman is ready to step into freedom, Selah Freedom brings her into a place of safety and restoration.


Selah Freedom is proud to employ the deeply effective TYLA (Turn Your Life Around) Program. TYLA is a deeply effective approach to prostitution diversion Program. It incorporates outreach, strong collaboration with community organizations, the judicial system, State Attorney's Office and ra e-directed law enforcement philosophy. Through the TYLA Program, survivors are supported by Selah Freedom's expert Outreach team during judicial proceedings and are eligible to have all prostitution-relation arrests expunged from their record.

Selah Freedom actively trains law enforcement locally and across the country on how to confront sex trafficking and exploitation and in 2016 trained and partnered with Houston Police Department during the Super Bowl, the nation's highest ranking sex trafficking event.

To reach our Survivor Intake Line call: