Let's “Rock the Boat Against Sex Trafficking”

Is It Really Happening in the U.S. and in our own backyards? YES! The state of Florida is currently in the top three cities in the nation for sex trafficking crimes, behind only California and Texas. Human trafficking is where traffickers profit from the control and exploitation of others and one of the ways to help eradicate sex trafficking is to contribute financially to Selah Freedom to help the exploited through their four strong programs: Advocacy & Awareness, Prevention, Outreach and Residential.

Now in its third year, a major fundraising event called “Rock the Boat”Against Sex Trafficking is an opportunity to raise the funds to help  Selah Way achieve our goals outlined above. Held at the spectacular rooftop of the Westin Hotel in downtown Sarasota, the October 24 event will draw a crowd of supporters in government, businesses, faith-based communities, philanthropic groups, law enforcement, and people like you!

Co-Chaired by Jennifer Fox, Marko Radisic and Elizabeth Moore, the two hour fundraiser from 7-9pm will include heavy hors d’oeuvres, beverages, entertainment, a fabulous auction and moving survivor speaker. Cost to attend is $200 pp.

Selah is a Hebrew word which means to pause, rest, and reflect. Founded in 2011 in Sarasota, both Selah Freedom and Selah  Way continue to give human trafficking survivors nationwide a chance to do just that. Since 2011, Selah has served over 5,000 survivors, over 10,000 children and interveners, and educated over 1.3 million people. 75% of survivor graduates do not return to the streets thanks to programs such as:

· A speaker’s bureau team, CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children) 101 Course, law enforcement training and Organizational Mentorship

· Advocating for strict laws and punishment against sex traffickers to be enacted through local, state and national legislation that will help to eradicate all forms of human trafficking and protect the victims of this crime in America

· A Prevention Program that equips parents, youth and those who work with them with the tools they need to avoid being manipulated by a trafficker and successfully prevents girls from being commercially sold 

· An Outreach Program that is active in the jail system and on the street and provides support groups, case management, and referral services to women currently in "the life," as well as a prostitution court diversion program 

· A Residential Program for survivors of sex trafficking that includes a personalized educational plan, job placement, trauma therapy, life skills, medical and legal assistance, and holistic restorative care. 

100% of survivors in our Residential Program are pursuing their educational and career goals

If we are going to end human sex trafficking, governments, nongovernment organizations, law enforcement, service providers, communities of faith, businesses and corporations, individuals, all have to work together. And Rock the Boat is one such way to do so to raise the funds we need to continue to be the #1 service provider in the country to sex traffic victims.

For more details about Rock the Boat visit: support.selahfreedom.com/rtbflorida

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