Selah Launches a New Safe Home: A First in Wisconsin

We are delighted to announce the opening of Wisconsin’s first residential safe home on 11/3/2019. The new Residential safe home is one of eight residential homes in the U.S. run by Selah Freedom.

Why Wisconsin? According to the Wisconsin State Department of Children and Families, nearly 100 incidents of sex trafficking involving children have been confirmed in Wisconsin between June 1, 2017, and Aug. 31, 2018.

Our home in Wisconsin follows the same process to ensure sustainability. The Residential Program is designed as a holistic approach to restoration. Survivors, who have had everything stolen from them, get the stability and rest they need to dream again, and survivors are equipped with the services and resources they need to be free. Survivors can also accomplish goals they never knew were possible to tackle - things like getting their GED, attending college, receiving trauma therapy, horse therapy, reconnecting with their children and family and developing life skills.

There are three phases in the Residential Program of Selah Freedom. We (Selah) walk with survivors every step of the way through their transformation: first, survivors enter the Rest Phase, which allows them to reflect and decide if they are prepared to move forward with stepping into the new life Selah Freedom offers; The second phase is the Restore Phase, where survivors receive a personalized education plan, medical aid, trauma therapy, job placement, and restorative services. They also have the opportunity to build healthy and safe relationships that will follow them into their final stage of the program which is the Relaunch Phase: survivors receive planning and assistance with living independently, career goals, and continued support.

The Wisconsin safe home is beautifully decorated with each room being adopted by donors and volunteers in the community. After being gutted to the studs, the house has been completely restored and it’s a gorgeous safe haven for freedom.

Now, for the first time in these girls’ lives, they have a safe home, a bed of their own, and a second chance at life. They deserve nothing less.

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