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While finding the components for your DIY e-board, you might be overwhelmed with so many different options for the deck. Therefore, in this article I will help you to understand better about the different shapes of the deck and in which case it is used.

If you want to learn about the detailed instruction about building or assembling an electric skateboard, please visit eSkateBuddy for the step by step tutorial videos.

Below are the common shapes and their usages:

Craver: typically with a pintail or fishtail, this deck gives you a carver with the nice elliptical shapes.

Slider: although they look pretty much like the normal decks, they can let you do high speed skids and a lot of holes in your clothes.

Cruiser: if you are a big fan of cruising, this deck is the most suitable since they are cheaper than the Cadillac but still provide enough function for your ride.

Freerider: a good option for a ride which might go through hard carves, slides, swerves or sometimes a kicktail is needed.

Dancer: this deck not only help you to decrease the chances of wheel bite but also provide more space than a freerider.

Racer: usually more expensive than the others, they are made of exotic wood and materials which are usually stiffer than usual. Therefore, they are the number one option for high speed rides such as going down hill.

You can easily find any of these decks at a local electric skateboarding store or you can purchase them online. I highly recommend eSkateBuddy, they provide a wide range of choices that meet all you need. Whenever you are unsure about any of these parts, don’t hesitate to ask for help from the experienced skaters or sellers for better understanding of the product.

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