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Mistakes of novice writers

Mistake 1: "The story takes place in France, even though I've never been there...," or the mistake of ignorance.

A lot of people, infected by a movie or a book, start writing about things they don't understand at all. About space and spaceships, about brave soldiers and glorious fights, about big and pure love with bed scenes. And the first do not know anything about the physical laws of space and a complete zero in technology, the second never held a sword and storming fortresses seen only in Hollywood movies, and the third neither had no love, nor sex. However, essay writing serivce 3 hours accurate writing about what you do not understand, what you know from movies or hearsay, it is impossible. And credibility is important, otherwise the reader will not believe the story.

That's why you have to write your first or second book using personal experience to get your hands on it. Even if it comes down to hanging out in computer games - what's not a start for a story in the genre of literary PPG? And if you take to write about the Middle Ages, it will have to learn the "stuff" to recreate the life and manners of the people. And in the hands, by the way, have to hold a sword, and ride a horse does not hurt.

Mistake 2: "Hello, dear diary ...", or the woes and misfortunes of the author.

As well as a desire to cry, to tell you about your beloved, or to teach you about life.

It is a fact, but the personality of the author in the story is of no interest to anyone. And novice authors often flaunt their own self in the form of a super-cool and invincible hero, a super-sexy and irresistible heroine. And such cardboard heroes, without flaws and shortcomings, are also not interesting, because they are devoid of life. And so are the reflections and teachings. And english homework help the author's dreams and troubles - too. Readers want interesting and compelling stories, living heroes with virtues and flaws, not a list of the author's aspirations and experiences. And books are written for readers-and for their entertainment or distraction, not for "crying," "showing off," and so on.

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